4Buildings 2019



    15 November 2019

    For professionals associated with the architectural and construction industry REGISTRATION CLOSED


    16-17 November 2019

    For anyone interested in construction technologies BUY TICKETS

4 Buildings Show

We will show you the most interesting technical solutions, new materials and present the winners of the 4 Buildings Awards competition.
    • 11.00-12.00

      Presentations of solutions


      Host: Darek Stolarz

      presentations of solutions

      • Building and construction materials
      • Presentations of projects nominated in the 4 Buildings Awards contest – the ‘Public building’ category
    • 11.00-12.00

      Presentations of houses. The best (ECO)Houses


      Host: Dominik Strzelec

      resentations of houses. The best (ECO)Houses

      • Current villa in Poland. Housing architecture idea in work of Barycz i Saramowicz
      • Architectural Studio
      • Cieślik’s Barge (an innovative green house)
      • Zero-energy House
      • Passive House
    • 12.30-13.30

      presentations of solutions


      Host: Darek Stolarz

      • Presentations of projects nominated in the 4 Buildings Awards contest – the ‘Residential building – multi-family building’ category
    • 12.30-13.30

      presentations of solutions


      Host: Dominik Strzelec

      • Finishing materials for terrace
      • Presentations of projects nominated in the 4 Buildings Awards contest – the ‘Prefabricated and modular construction’ category

Expert Zone

Companies advise on how to effectively and economically build and maintain houses
      • 10.00-18.00

        Katowickie Wodociągi SA

        Get access to water for construction purposes and make sure you will not waste it

      • 11.00-12.00

        Eidos Independent Energetic Advisors

        Heal your electricity and gas bills

      • 10.00-11.00; 12.00-13.30; 14.30-18.00

        Stowarzyszenie Wolnej Herbaty

        Zmniejsz ilość odpadów w gospodarstwie domowym

      • 12.30-17.00


        Increase the comfort of using your home using modern technology. Increase safety and reduce operating costs.

      • 11.00-17.00

        Energy Zone (Strefa Energii)

        Invest in savings on electricity. Use systems based on renewable energy sources.

      • 10.00-14.00

        The Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice

        Get information on what funding you can get, and find out what are the rules.

The ‘Dobrze Mieszkaj’ Booth

Redakcja portali Dobrzemieszkaj.pl i Najlepszedomy.pl zaprasza na bezpłatne konsultacje
    • 10.00-18.00

      bezpłatne konsultacje z architektami, projektantami zieleni i wykonawcami


      Build your home with us - the editors of the portals Dobrzemieszkaj.pl and Najlepszedomy.pl invite you to free consultations with architects, green designers and contractors.


      Experts giving advice at the Dobrze Mieszkaj

      • 10.00-14.00 - Joanna Ochota, architect, Concept JOana Interior Design
      • 10.00-14.00 - INOSTUDIO, studio, architects
      • 14.00-18.00 - Krzysztof Duda, Sylwia Duda, architects, Duda Architecture and Construction studio
    • 10.00-18.00

      AActivities for the youngest visitors at the booth


      'My dream home'

      Activities for the youngest visitors at the booth


      During the Open Days of the 4 Buildings, the Dobrzemieszkaj.pl and Najlepszedomy.pl booth will offer you a visual arts area, where the youngest participants of the 4 Buildings will have the opportunity to paint their dream homes, decorate cardboard houses, and design their dream gardens. The authors of the most interesting works will receive gifts! All young artists and future architects are most welcome!