4Buildings 2019



    15 November 2019

    For professionals associated with the architectural and construction industry REGISTRATION CLOSED


    16-17 November 2019

    For anyone interested in construction technologies BUY TICKETS

We want to award progressive investment projects, innovative technologies and people with a vision.

The popularity contest is open to investors, architects, local authorities, manufacturers and all those whose activities set new directions for the development of construction and at the same time focus on reducing the negative impact of construction on the natural environment.

Terms and Conditions of the 4 Buildings Awards popularity contest

We will award projects in the following categories:  

Projects – buildings and space implemented in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, using innovative construction technologies and renewable energy so that they create better living and working conditions.

  • Public building
  • Commercial building
  • Residential building
    • multi-family building
    • single-family building
  • Prefabricated and modular construction
  • Public space

Innovations – pioneering solutions that: bring new quality to the market; enable implementation of the most daring construction visions; allow investors, contractors and architects to spread their wings; and, above all, minimise the negative impact of the construction industry on the environment.

  • Smart solution for a building
  • Construction materials
  • Waste reduction technology in the construction industry
  • RES in the construction industry
  • Innovations – Start-Up

People – spectacular actions promoting sustainable construction and having an impact on the development of the construction industry in Poland.

  • Local government official
  • Architect
  • Investor
  • Technology company

In order to take part in the contest, you should submit your application by filling in the online application form and sending your photographic material to the following email address: nagrody4b@propertydesign.pl by 10 October 2019. The next stage of the contest shall be the voting of the Readers via the PropertyDesign.pl and PropertyNews.pl portals, which will last until 25 October 2019. The official 4 Buildings Awards 2019 Gala will take place at the International Congress Centre on 15 November 2019. It will be an event accompanying the 1st edition of the 4 Buildings.