4Buildings 2019



    15 November 2019

    For professionals associated with the architectural and construction industry REGISTRATION CLOSED


    16-17 November 2019

    For anyone interested in construction technologies BUY TICKETS

4Buildings is an event intended not only for professionals, but also for everyone who builds a house, renovates a flat or designs a garden and is looking for innovative ideas, innovative solutions and advanced technologies used in the construction industry.

  • Construction technologies and materials of the future: What to focus on?
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reducing CO2 emissions while improving comfort and working conditions – the challenge of today
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient construction: Will eco-solutions be brought to the masses?
  • Polish Smog Alert. How can the construction industry combat pollution and low-stack emissions?
  • Prospects of development of the construction industry in Poland
  • Modular construction: How will it develop?
  • The revival of timber construction
  • Digitalisation and digitisation in construction
  • Robots in the construction industry: Will they revolutionise work?
  • Implementation of commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure investment projects – the biggest challenges
  • The financing of construction
  • Legal changes: What is the government preparing?
  • BIM – project planning and management
  • Architecture and design
  • Human Resources – the biggest challenge in market development

Construction Zone:

including: construction and erection materials; rafter framing and roofing; roof gutter systems; scaffolding; thermal insulation; finishing materials; transport in construction; construction chemicals; foundations – materials used for erecting foundation walls and foundation slabs; chimneys; façade finishing materials; façade windows; window sills; roof windows; large-scale glazing; lift and slide doors; entrance doors; gates; garage doors; external window blinds; and external awnings

Installations Zone:

including: installations using renewable energy: solar energy collectors and photovoltaic cells; heat pumps; ventilation and recuperators; radiators – traditional ones, trench radiators and floor heating; heating installations: solid fuel boilers, gas boilers and oil boilers; fireplaces and bio-fireplaces; and hydraulics

Machinery and Tools Zone:

including: construction equipment – excavators, loaders, haul trucks, road rollers, etc.; ladders; scaffolding; concrete mixers; wheelbarrows; mortar tubs; hand tools; glazing tools; protective clothing; and occupational safety and health products

Innovation Zone:

including: IT technologies; smart building and smart home – comprehensive home automation; and security systems

Greenery Zone:

including: greenery; paths; garden architecture; ponds; terraces and balconies – finishing materials for terraces; stone; garden furniture; arbours and sheds; fences; garden pots; awnings, covers; platforms; lighting; irrigation systems (including pumps, hydrophores and automatic watering systems); and garden equipment