4Buildings 2019



    15 November 2019

    For professionals associated with the architectural and construction industry REGISTRATION CLOSED


    16-17 November 2019

    For anyone interested in construction technologies BUY TICKETS

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Are you interested in energy-efficient construction, modern technologies and solutions, and environment-friendly materials? Would you like to discover the latest product ranges of manufacturers and distributors? Or maybe you feel like talking to architects and experts?

Come to the 4Buildings Open Days!

Everyone visiting the International Congress Centre in Katowice on 16–17 November 2019 will have the opportunity to learn all about:

  • renewable energy sources,
  • sustainable construction,
  • new technologies,
  • smart solutions and energy-efficient houses.

We will learn, among other things, about the new products that have appeared on the construction market and about goods worth buying as well as where to buy them and for how much. 

The range of attractions prepared for the visitors will also include

  • interesting workshops,
  • meetings,
  • entertaining discussions,
  • and presentations.

 During the Open Days, the booth of the Dobrzemieszkaj.pl and Najlepszedomy.pl portals will also be available. We invite you to free consultation with architects, greenery designers and contractors.

Are you planning to build a house?

Are you unsure as to what kind of house you need?

Have you already zeroed in on a particular design, but keep wondering whether it will suit your family?

Do you dream of a beautiful garden, but do not know how to design it?

Are you looking for help and professional advice from a house‑building expert? 

Prepare your questions, bring your plot plan and/or design with you and visit the advice zone at the Dobrze Mieszkaj booth during the Open Days on 16–17 November 2019. 

Tickets available on the Ticketmaster website