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15–17 November 2019 • Katowice,
The International Congress Centre

The organisers of 4 Design Days are pleased to welcome you

Why 4Buildings?

This is a new event in the construction industry in Poland! It is not another construction fair, but a selected array of technologically advanced solutions for the construction sector, as well as an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

  • We live on credit. Natural resources are running out. Copper and zinc will run out in about 20 years. Lead resources will last for even less. We can and must strive as well as convince people to construct buildings in a sustainable way, having sufficient knowledge of it.

    Ewa Kuryłowicz, Architect, Kuryłowicz & Associates, 4 Design Days
  • According to surveys, only 18% of construction companies care about the environment. That is why co-operation between architects and companies carrying out construction projects is so important. This co-operation must be intensified so that we begin to build wisely.

    Marcin Szczelina, Architecture Critic, 4 Design Days
  • In my country, a special working group has been established and is headed by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The team deals with potential investment in smart urban solutions, building houses, energy saving and mobility. The group is also working on the circular economy.

    Ron J.P.M. van Dartel, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Poland, 4 Design Days
  • In the Netherlands, there are laws that force developers to comply with the rules on energy use. Complying with those laws is a challenge – architects also need to be creative. However, laws do not always keep pace with reality.

    Pieter van Os, Circo, 4 Design Days
  • Sustainable construction should not focus solely on technical issues. What is important to us, architects, is to find solutions that will inspire people to use sustainable solutions in buildings.

    Oliver Heath, Founder, Heath Design Ltd., 4 Design Days
  • If designers, as a professional group, keep putting pressure on both their customers and suppliers to focus exclusively on environmentally friendly materials, they can become a link between the two non‑cooperating parties. Now, in fact, people do not give a hoot about it. Except in individual cases…

    Robert Majkut, Designer, CEO Robert Majkut Design, 4 Design Days

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